Network Thinking for Social Impact

Loughborough University – Information Systems and Digital Innovation MSc

Module: Organisational Design and Network Thinking for Social Impact


–    Consider the societal challenges as articulated in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and appreciate how the complexity of these challenges require a systems / networked approach to develop innovative, multi-dimensional solutions that go beyond disciplines, individuals and organisations.

–    Gain an understanding of how networks can influence interaction and collaboration to create practical solutions to complex challenges and co-create conditions for collective benefit.

–    Analyse the design of Organisational structures and consider the emergence of fluid, agile and decentralised organisations that follow holacratic principles of self-organisation.

–    Utilise Design as a theoretical framework to develop and iterate ideas, solve problems, and prototype and test appropriate and considered solutions.

–    Encourage personal skills of communication, teamwork, decision-making and collaborative leadership. Encourage a holistic approach when dealing with the complexity of global social challenges.

–    Evaluation of new technologies, protocols and instruments for connection and collaboration.

–    Inspire the social impact leaders of the future.

Module design: Warren Bramley, Visiting Fellow in Information Management and Design.